Creating Space in Motherhood and Business with Caroline O’Neill 

December 8, 2023

EPISODE 1 SHOW NOTES I’m BEYOND excited to have the very first episode of the Made for Mothers Podcast live, and out into the world! I have an incredible guest to share with you for this first episode – Caroline O’Neill. Caroline has played a pivotal role in my own life as a close friend […]

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I’m BEYOND excited to have the very first episode of the Made for Mothers Podcast live, and out into the world!

I have an incredible guest to share with you for this first episode – Caroline O’Neill. Caroline has played a pivotal role in my own life as a close friend and an important part of my birth team, and also as a key collaborator in a lot of the Made for Mothers work we do in our local community. Caroline is an expert when it comes to helping expectant mothers and families in our community prepare both physically and emotionally for birth. She was able to do this by creating the Body, Birth, and Baby Center. This has been a dream of hers for years, and she knew it was the missing piece that parents needed as they were bringing their children into the world. 

Caroline and I talk all about her journey navigating both motherhood and entrepreneurship, and all of the amazing (and also really difficult) experiences she’s had along the way. Caroline has a beautiful story, and so much wisdom and guidance to share as you’re working to create space in motherhood and business. I know you’re going to love this episode!

Caroline O’Neill is wife, mom of 4, and the owner/founder of The Body, Birth and Baby Center in Leesburg, VA. Caroline has been working with expectant parents since 2012 and saw the missing piece – connection and community. Parents would come to class, but then they were off on their own to find other classes or go to the next appointment. You can come to The Body Birth and Baby Center for full-circle care, and everything in one place. Caroline specializes in fertility, prenatal, and postpartum massage, and is a Spinning Babies Practitioner. Caroline teaches HypnoBirthing, as well as a variety of workshops. The Body, Birth and Baby Center is here to support you through this most transformational time, and they have a wide variety of providers and offerings. The Center is more than just perinatal care and classes – it’s about building community.

In this episode about creating space in motherhood and business, we cover:

  • How Caroline and I first connected + her important role in the birth of my baby and my postpartum recovery
  • Caroline’s story of navigating pregnancy as a first-time mom to then making the decision to leave her massage practice when her daughter turned 1
  • Experiencing multiple pregnancy losses, and the self-reflection, healing, and growth that happened as a result
  • Why it’s ok to feel all of the emotions when you’re going through something hard, and not know how you will ‘grow’ from, or use it later
  • Juggling both motherhood and entrepreneurship, and the type of ‘balance’ that works best for Caroline
  • Caroline’s best tips + encouragement for moms who are in the thick of motherhood and business, and struggling to find their ‘flow’

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

More about the Made for Mothers Podcast:

Welcome to the Made for Mothers Podcast, your go-to source for candid and relatable conversations about motherhood and entrepreneurship. Think of this show as your new mom friend, where we dive into all things marketing, branding, mindset, money, childcare, and growing your business while you navigate your roles as both CEO and Mom.

I’m your host, Mariah Stockman, and I wear all the hats, from being a boy mom to serving as a marketing mentor for mothers and running a 6-figure marketing agency. On top of all that, I’m the proud founder of the Made for Mothers Community.

This show is all about sharing real stories and practical strategies from fellow mother-run business owners. We’re diving into that pivotal moment in motherhood when we went back to work as a new mom and said,  “Ooooh, it’s like this now.” but here’s the catch, we’re all there, all the time, no matter what season of motherhood we’re in. Facing unexpected challenges like when our  kids get sick or the childcare cancels, and moms are PROS at turning ‘uh-oh’ moments into ‘ah-ha’ solutions and THAT’s what we’re going to shine a light on.

So, what’s my story? Why Made for Mothers? 

When I became a mom, I discovered firsthand the lack of support for the “I-have-a-new-baby-and need-to-answer-a-million-emails-and-have-no-childcare-and- work-i- still-really-love” situation. I soon realized how resourceful motherhood had made me and this path of serving moms naturally unfolded for me, and i am just so so glad you’re here! ⁠

When I leapt to pivot into mentoring moms I had no idea what it would look like, I had no idea if it would work, but I just knew that this “season” I’m in, the one where my babies come first might be here to stay. I wanted to surround myself with women who are living the beautiful chaos of balancing motherhood and business, who understand that  where early nap wake-ups, teething disruptions, and sleepless nights are part of the package… and on top of that, we’re passionate and driven and bold and believe that yes, we can do both…if you just said a resounding “YES” tune in, cause you belong here and these are the stories we share. 

The Made for Mothers Podcast is your space to connect with the real stories, strategies, and insights that bridge the gap between being a mom and a founder. So, grab your headphones, reheat your coffee, and let’s go!

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